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It’s important to enjoy the vacation season during summer without compromising the relevance of keeping a healthy and active lifestyle. EuropeActive’s mission is to make more people more active more often and support Europeans in living their daily lives healthier. Both physical and mental wellbeing are achievable if people let daily physical activity become part of their weekly routines. Here are some little tips that will help you to make the most out of your summer while being active.

Plan activities for your holiday agenda: Don’t be lazy and try to avoid remain seated for long periods of time.

Squeeze mini-workouts during the day: even if you are on holidays, it is important to keep active by performing short workout throughout the day

Keep moving: there is no point in being inactive during summer, enjoy the energy of this season!

Stay hydrated: Water is key to keep performing your best during workout

Mind your diet: Continue to try new things but do so with a plan. If you are expecting a big dinner out one night, eat a lighter, healthier meal earlier in the day and vice versa.

Don’t skimp on Sleep: While you may be tempted to trade sleep for a few more hours of site-seeing and new experiences, it’s not a trade worth making.

Recruit an exercise buddy: Another great way to motivate yourself over the holidays is to make a pact with a friend or group of friends.

Take advantage of seasonal offerings: Your local gym is another great place to find inspiration, and it’ll almost certainly be offering specials on membership fees, class packages and monthly rates during the holidays.

Stay tuned! EuropeActive is launching the Let’s #BeActive Campaign to make you aware about all gym offers next your place!


Jun 20, 2019 By admin