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The BLUEPRINT project was recently represented at the 3rd Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) Biennale in Berlin.  The event provided an opportunity share projects and experiences in how we are making informal and non-formal learning visible, and are valuing its worth.

The programme include Key Note speeches from policy makers leading the way in VPL, workshops providing more detail about existing projects, and the chance to evolve and commit to the Berlin Declaration on the Validation of Prior Learning.

The Biennale also gave the platform for BLUEPRINT to share its outputs, learn from others, and explore potential collaborations.

The information discussed at the Biennale will specifically be used to evolve the Intellectual Output 8 of the BLUEPRINT project, including how the Active Leisure sector might take advantage of existing systems.

You can find more information on the BLUEPRINT project here.


May 14, 2019 By admin