On World Obesity Day on 4th March 2022, the MEP Interest Group on Obesity & Health System Resilience organised an event to launch their Declaration for national action plans on obesity, which highlighted the key components to be included in an EU-level Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Framework for Obesity as a chronic disease. It lists several recommendations for early diagnosis, treatment and long-term management. 
During this event, several panellists drew attention to the importance of properly tackling obesity, which is a major health issue. Obesity rates are in fact increasing at a rapid rate in most of the EU Member States, with 22.82% of the European population being classified as obese. Obesity is a being identified as chronic disease, which is accompanied by a series of health complications and risks such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. This is why according to the MEP Interest Group it is important for policymakers to address the issue and develop an NCD framework addressing obesity. 
MEPs Pernille Weiss, Chair of the MEP Interest Group, Susana Solís Pérez and Sara Cerdas, both Vice-Chairs, also emphasized the necessity of doing more on this issue. They therefore called for proper infrastructures and funding mechanisms, as well as developing a timeline for a specific NCD roadmap for obesity. There are ways to prevent obesity, through healthy lifestyle and physical activity for instance, but it is also important to address secondary prevention of the complications arising from obesity to ensure the best care possible for people living with obesity. 
Read the EuropeActive information paper on Obesity here
Mar 10, 2022 By Pauline Joskin