EuropeActive is very much looking forward to welcoming our national associations partners to the 2nd European Fitness Associations Forum (EFAF) in Cologne, Germany, on Thursday October 1st.

Building on the excellent work that has been done together with the national associations during the Covid-19 lockdown this spring, we will take our partnership with the national association to the next level and make sure we are collectively stronger and better placed to support and guide the fitness and physical activity sector through these challenging times.

The autumn of 2020 promises to be a pivotal and historic time for the European Union. With the new recovery-focussed EU budget being finalized and the European Commission’s main policy initiatives being launched, such as the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan and the EU’s digital strategy, EuropeActive will work intensively with its partners to make sure that the importance of physical activity for everyone’s physical, social and mental health is recognized by policy and decision makers in Brussels.

 The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that the promotion of healthy, active lifestyles is more important than ever and that it should be a cross-sectoral policy priority.


Jul 27, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez