EuropeActive will launch the special e-learning package for operators and managers of fitness clubs to follow in September. The scheme is based on the new CEN European Standards for fitness facilities (EN17229 : 2019) The intention is for the new European standard to become the benchmark for all fitness clubs and for them to be used to improve business and confidence with members and users.

The European standards describe the health and safety, management, operational and customer relationships. The package consists of 10 easy-to-follow units with self-assessment and a customer satisfaction survey. A preview is available here. Early in 2021 a further addition to the standards will be published covering the qualifications needed by fitness professionals, together with the requirements for supervision/surveillance of clubs (including CCTV systems).

In responding to the Covid-19 re-opening of clubs most countries published a set of guidance. Based on the experience of operators across Europe a new technical l group of experts will work with European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) to develop a Technical Specification for the safe operation of clubs during an infectious outbreak. We can expect local, regional or even national restrictions to be re-applied in the event of further spikes or outbreaks of Covid-19 or similar infections. The Technical Standard will help clubs, governments, public health officials and others to be able to work together based on good evidence and understanding to help keep clubs open.

EuropeActive has initiated a request with CEN and the expert group plans to have the European Technical Specification ready for around April 2021. A special e-learning programme has been released by EuropeActive to help operators and all staff working in clubs to understand the principles of safe and hygienic operations during Covid-19 restrictions. A preview is available from our YouTube channel here.


Jul 28, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez