The HealthyLifestyle4All initiative is a two-year campaign launched by the European Commission which aims to promote healthy lifestyles for everyone, linking active lifestyles with health, food, and other policies. As part of this initiative, organisations and institutions were invited to submit their pledges to carry out an activity or campaign to promote healthy lifestyles. 
The Healthy Hour campaign pledged by EuropeActive encourages all Europeans to lead an active lifestyle by raising awareness about the many benefits of physical activity, underlining its positive impact on physical health, mental health and for society as a whole. Four times a year, EuropeActive will organize a social media campaign highlighting the latest publications on the health benefits of physical activity. An online discussion will also take place about individuals’ physical activity levels and how they could be encouraged to exercise more. 
Similar to what EuropeActive organized for the European Public Health Week, this will be an opportunity to shed some light on various topics linking health and physical activity, such as childhood obesity, cancer, or the use of technology to encourage individuals to work out. 
With the initiative launched a year ago, the Commission is now organizing a HealthyLifestyle4All conference on 22 September in Prague, the day before the start of the European Week of Sport. This will be the occasion to discuss the progress made and welcome new pledges. 
Read the full EuropeActive pledge here.
Sep 1, 2022 By Anna Miskovicova