On Tuesday June 16, the incoming trio-presidency for the EU council, consisting of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia, presented their joined programme for the next 18 months. Germany will kick-off this new presidency cycle on July 1st and will hold the presidency for the following 6 months. During this period a number of contentious, high level dossiers have to be concluded, such as the Covid-19 recovery plan, the multiannual financial framework or EU budget and of course the future relationship with the UK.

The proposed recovery plan and budget, which the German presidency will help negotiate, reflects the fact that the covid-19 pandemic has made public health a political priority, as it also includes a dedicated health programme, called EU4Health. This programme will help the European Commission achieve its public health goals, of which the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is one of the most prominent. The plan will be published by the end of this year and can count on very wide spread and strong political support in Brussels. This is reflected by the fact that the European Parliament has voted last week on June 18th to establish a special committee on beating cancer focussing solely on this topic.

EuropeActive welcomes the increased focus on public health, the European Commission’s proposal for a dedicated health programme and the Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. However, it is important that these initiatives all work together to accelerate the fundamental shift towards prevention focussed health systems which Europe so urgently needs.

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Jun 25, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez