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The European Commission's Knowledge Gateway for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, developed by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE), contains several information on health-related topics. Physical activity and sedentarism has been recently added as a new topic of the Knowledge Gateway. 

The chapter on physical activity contains a broad range of relevant studies and policy documents, going from defining physical activity to policy recommendations and the effects on health. All entries are high quality peer reviewed publications, providing you with reliable figures and information. 

In addition to the information on physical inactivity and sedentarism, the Knowledge contains a lot of information on nutrition and the societal impact of Non-communicable diseases. The Knowledge Gateway is periodically update with the latest publications and new topics are added periodically.

If you are looking for more evidence based publications related to the fitness sector, check out EuropeActive’s knowledge centre.



May 23, 2019 By admin