A major new agreement on national representation has been signed between the three main fitness organisations in Poland. The Polish Fitness Federation (PFF), Fitness Employer’s Federation (FPF) and Polish Association of Personal Trainers (PZTP) have come together in an historic union to cooperate in representing the Polish fitness industry and have already been recognised as National Association partner of EuropeActive.

It is a central principle of any National Association affiliated with EuropeActive that they have the widest industry support from all stakeholders, including employers, training providers, other social partners, and suppliers. By cooperating in this way the PPF, FPF and PZTP wholly meet this requirement and therefore will be ideally placed to drive the continued development and professionalisation of the Polish fitness sector. To this end, they will attend meetings of the EuropeActive-led European Fitness Association Forum (EFAF), placing them at the heart of the future direction and decision-making processes of EuropeActive.

This co-operation will also be central to the ongoing development of the Polish Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS-POL). The PZTP has been working closely with EuropeActive and EREPS in this initiative which will provide Polish fitness professionals with the opportunity to be part of a representative National Register with strong links to employers and the industry in general. Through its association with EREPS those professionals will gain European recognition and the necessary credibility to seek employment opportunities across Europe and beyond. Poland has been a leading country in developing its national Personal Trainer qualification based on EuropeActive standards which is now on the Polish National Qualification Framework.

With regards to the Agreement on European Representation, EuropeActive Executive Director Andreas Paulsen said: “This agreement marks a significant milestone in the ongoing development of the Polish fitness sector. By coming together in the spirit of cooperation this organisation will provide the impetus required to build an industry that works together for growth, prosperity and, most importantly of all, getting more Polish citizens more physically active more often. EuropeActive looks forward to participating in a long and rewarding relationship with both the Polish National Association and REPS-POL.”


Jul 9, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez