In times of a global pandemic the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle which boosts your resilience, your immune system and your mental health becomes very apparent. There’s a growing body of evidence and data showing that Covid-19 is exacerbating health inequalities and that people with non-communicable diseases such as obesity are disproportionally affected.

Think Active’s latest publication discusses the important role physical activity plays in boosting the immune function and why being active and exercising on a regular basis is part of the solution to this public health crisis. The fitness and physical activity sector and its stakeholders are of course indispensable in this effort of helping people to adopt an active, healthy lifestyle in a sustainable way.

Therefore it is important to stress that the data collected after fitness centres re-opened is showing that fitness centres are perfectly safe to work-out and do exercise in. EuropeActive will work with its partners to make sure that policy and decision makers understand and acknowledge that the fitness and physical sector and the services it delivers are part of the solution to this public health crisis.

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Sep 3, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez