On November 16th, EuropeActive president David Stalker kicked-off the three-day on-line Future of Fitness conference organised by Club Industry with a keynote speech on the importance of working with governments, titled ‘Power is local: Influencing Government Strategies’.

During his presentation, David Stalker highlighted that we must turn the collective challenges into opportunities and that the fitness and physical activity sector has to better recognise the key role it has in society when we will move toward the recovery phase of the current crisis. With its Sectoral Manifesto, EuropeActive sets out four key areas, digital, health, community and standards, which should be at the centre of this great transformation.

Subsequently, Mr Stalker emphasised that because of the hard work put in by EuropeActive, its national partners and the other stakeholders in our sector, policy and decision maker are recognising more than ever before the vital role of physical activity in guaranteeing the social, mental and physical wellbeing of all citizens. He concluded by stressing that we all have to collaborate and that everyone has his or her role to play to bring about this great transformation. We need a mass movement to create sustainable change and help our sector begin a new chapter. 

EuropeActive looks forward to engaging with all stakeholders in our sector to make sure we come out of this crisis stronger. You can find more information on EuropeActive’s activities at www.europeactive.eu


Nov 18, 2020 By Carlos Fernandez