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On Monday, 30th September 2019 the Saudi Fitness Standards Committee (SFSC) held the first meeting in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Led by the Leadership Institute in cooperation with EuropeActive, the committee has been created in Riyadh with the support of key Fitness Industry stakeholders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The committee is composed by representatives of Leadership Institute, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Fitness Centers, Fitness Training Providers, Equipment Suppliers and Sport Scientists.

Mission & Objectives

The Saudi Fitness Standards Committee’s mission is to develop fitness standards for practitioners of the Saudi Arabian Fitness sector. The new established committee will accredit, monitor and oversee the implementation of the standards and practices of training providers. In addition, it will provide technical support to ensure quality of training and the proper development of Saudi fitness Professionals. Most importantly, SFSC will ensure the alignment of the Saudi Standards and fitness professionals’ competency with the fitness market and EuropeActive Standards.

Aligned with 2030 vision objectives, the recently established committee has clear strategic objectives to support employability of Saudi nationals and to promote sport participation. The implementation of the new fitness standards will also help to increase the number of competent fitness professionals, ensuring quality of training and the development of new fitness careers.

New Committee Chair

Professor Khalid Almuzaini, a highly respected leader in the field of sport science and physical activity in Saudi Arabia and across the Arab region, was appointed Committee Chair. His accomplishments span more than 20 years and include work with both government and private sectors at high-level leadership positions, such as a former Dean of the College of sport Sciences and Physical Activity at King Saud University. Professor Almuzaini is also the current president of the Saudi Universities Sports Federation, Ministry of Education and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Sport Sciences and Physical Education.

Abdullah Hammad, General Manager at Leadership Institute, said that “the establishment of the Saudi Fitness Standards committee, the creation of the Saudi Fitness Standards aligned with EuropeActive, the creation of the register and the application of international standards on quality control are the best way LDI can support the fitness industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This committee will ensure the proper expansion of this growing sector as well as providing a number of professional development opportunities for the Saudi population”.


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