A second successful meeting of the Sector Skills Alliance for Fitness and Physical Activity was organised by EuropeActive on 19th April. The Sector Skills Alliance (SSA) is an advisory group formed by industry stakeholders and strategic partners from across the Fitness and Physical Activity sector, cooperating on the promotion of healthy and active lifestyles. Its objectives are to identify sector-specific labour market needs, gather relevant labour market intelligence and foresight, and support the Fitness and Physical Activity sector in addressing its most pressing challenges. 
Following the launch of this SSA in October 2021, the meeting was a unique opportunity to reconvene key representatives from independent fitness professionals and employer organisations, members of education and training systems, and other key actors, to discuss in particular the potential collaborations between the Fitness and Physical Activity and the Health sectors. 
Inspiring presentations on existing good practices in the UK and future THINK Active-led research projects supporting collaborations with the health sector were complemented by insights on the latest workforce survey of EREPS Members and a take on how to bridge the divide between club managers and personal trainers.
These presentations were punctuated by Q&A sessions, stimulating fruitful exchanges about partnerships with health professionals and sectoral workforce issues. 
The outcomes of the meeting will have a direct impact on shaping the educational provisions and the workforce of the Fitness and Physical Activity sector.
Apr 26, 2022 By Ioana Marica