This is a time of great upheaval and change. The fitness and physical activity sector has been hit hard by measures imposed to combat the coronavirus outbreak. In most countries in Europe, all fitness clubs have been closed and fitness professionals find themselves out of work or attempting to transition, with enforced haste, to delivering services online. We are being forced to adapt and innovate like never before but while this may be an uncomfortable and financially challenging situation, it may also shed some light on future directions and opportunities.

EuropeActive, through its Professional Standards Committee has been setting the educational standards for fitness professionals across Europe for the past 15 years. However, it will be important that these standards are reviewed in light of the changes enforced by the coronavirus and the impact it will have on those working in the industry and, their clients. What new skills will be required of trainers to cope with the mental state of clients emerging from extended periods of isolation, how will we now engage with an increasingly educated digital consumer and how will we cope with short and medium term physical restrictions on how we engage with clients in a fitness environment? These are all questions that must be discussed in the context of the on-going education of fitness professionals.

Health and well-being are prominent in people’s minds and we can expect many to have a new found desire to engage with our sector. Standards developers and fitness professionals must be fully prepared to cope with this demand and to ensure that their skill set is up to the challenge.

As part of its efforts to support and inform the fitness and physical activity sector, EuropeActive are hosting a series of webinars. These will include a panel of industry experts gathered to discuss how educational standards and skills should be updated to reflect the requirements of the ‘new normal’.

Apr 16, 2020 By admin