On Tuesday 3rd of March, EuropeActive was invited to attend the event promoted by UEFA and EURACTIV ‘What is the Life TACKLE project’s contribution in achieving environmental sustainability in sport?’. The project, funded by the EU LIFE Programme, aims to increase awareness of environmental management in football stadiums in order to reduce waste during football events and to tackle other environmental issues linked to such events, including energy consumption and transportation.

 To achieve this, national football associations will be involved together with their supporters.The events updated participants on the project implementation’s phase and the next initiatives. It also host a discussion about the role of sport following the launch of the EU Commission of the “green deal” proposal.

EuropeActive, in response to this new EU initiative, is actively promoting any environmentally sustainable initiatives and platforms to discuss this aspect. The last December, EuropeActive together with Green Sport Alliance, Team Planet, WWF, UK Active, ACES, European Athletics, EUSA, PlayGreen EU and UEFA joined the BCW initiative to create a space for an eco-sports sustainable dialogue and further more – for creation of the (first) European Sports Environmental Guidelines; together with European Institutions and Presidencies.




Mar 5, 2020 By admin