We are fast approaching the Christmas holidays, a time for rest, overindulging, and, in normal times, a chance to spend time with our family and friends. Though seeing our loved ones may not be on the cards this year, it is worth keeping an eye on how active we remain during the festive period.  

While it is tempting to ignore our regular fitness routine after this roller coaster of a year, putting our health on the backburner is not the answer. If there is anything we have learned from 2020, it is that one’s health should never be taken for granted.  

We have put together a list of simple tips to help you incorporate some physical activity over the break: 

  • Being active over the Christmas period can be as easy as going for a brisk walk every day to ensure you get some fresh air. You can even rally your dog, kids, family members and friends for a nice socially distanced bit of physical activity. A win-win as far as we are concerned! 


  • Start a new hobby. Now, bear with us- starting a new hobby is not the easiest to do, but, if you’ve been thinking about taking up a new activity for the last few months (or even years), this is the ideal time to set a new goal. With some time off and limited activities available because of lockdowns/restrictions, you can take that tentative first step towards a new fun activity. And to help you find your next physical activity fix, we have the next suggestion! 


  • Make the most of the online workouts that have sprung up in the last few months! There is something for everyone, whether you are a complete beginner or someone who has worked out every day for the last decade, you can find a workout that suits your skills and abilities. Now is the time to check out what is out there, to find the right activity for you! 


  • And lastly, to keep up with these fun physical activities, you will probably need to up your water consumption! Make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated, especially with all the extra food and drinks you will be enjoying! 

This year has thrown some huge challenges our way and these have included additional hurdles in our health and fitness habits. The lockdowns and restrictions in certain countries (which have led to gyms being closed) have made keeping our regular fitness routine more difficult. But with a bit of flexibility and the help of technology, there is no reason to sit out your workout during the festive period! 




Dec 17, 2020 By Pauline Joskin