With the Christmas break just around the corner, we thought we’d share a few simple tips to help you keep active over the holiday period!  
Make your social gatherings more active  
Instead of catching up over food or drinks, you could make your social gatherings active. What is better than a nice winter walk with family and friends? You get to see your loved ones and increase your step count! It’s a win-win!  
Not to mention that it has the added advantage of physical distancing for those wishing to stick closely to the COVID-19 advice.   
Prioritize your workouts  
That might mean getting them out of the way early in the morning when the family is not up and about. Or it might mean going for an evening run. Or even just 15 minutes of online workouts in the afternoon. It doesn’t have to take up most of the day, just making a small effort each day will help you keep fit and healthy. 
Drink a lot of water 
Drinking enough water is really important, but especially during the holidays when we indulge more than we would otherwise. It’s particularly crucial to stay hydrated when exercising to ensure our bodies can function normally, so let’s make it a priority! 
Set realistic goals 
We end with an important tip: remember that this is your time off, and that it might not be the time to start a whole new fitness routine (though more power to you if it is!). Making sure you stick to doing some physical activity everyday– whether that is a walk, a run or an online workout – is more than enough. Enjoy your holidays! 
Dec 16, 2021 By Ioana Marica