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Focus on the value of your services not just your features and specs – an experience shared by BRP Systems

Even though the pandemic has been really tough on the entire society, it has also provided companies with an opportunity to take a step back and reconsider their business model. In BRP Systems, we are now moving towards an even more value-based approach to keep a sharper focus on the needs in the industry, and to improve our relations to our customers.

This approach has giving us the opportunity to focus on what’s really important to our customers – and thereby helping our customers in supporting a healthier and more active society. We believe that the software business is a people business, and by having a much closer dialogue with our customers, we are learning a lot – gaining new knowledge and experiences.

It’s all about pains and gains

With our new value-based approach, BRP Systems are focusing even more on our customers’ “pains and gains”. Especially during the pandemic, our customers have experienced many challenges both on a daily basis and on a more strategic level – i.e., pains. To be able to offer the best solutions that bring value and solves the challenges, we are focused – more than ever – to understand their needs – i.e., gains.

By thinking about the needs in the industry, we focus on what’s important for our various stakeholders – and develop solutions that bring true value to our users and the market. Examples of this could be tools to analyse customer data, heighten retention or support the up-selling in the facilities.

We have also chosen to re-visit many of our digital offerings and redesign these from scratch – simply to meet the new needs of our customers and their members. We call it the Mobility project. With this project, we aim to fulfil the higher demand for user-friendly, intuitive and convenient digital solutions on the go.

Adapt to the changes in the market by understanding your members’ needs

The value-based approach is not a new phenomenon. However, a significant part of the industry has been focusing on outcome instead of value.

Price is a great example of a factor that has been substantially used to attract new members. And we understand why – it can have a great force of impact – however, mostly only short term. After a while, the effect wears off, and the members might go shopping for a new facility, or even quit the gym all together.

Instead, by understanding your members’ struggles, challenges and pains, you can match their needs with the values and gains, you can provide from your business.

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Jul 16, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez