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The fitness industry’s ability to react quickly to COVID-19 demonstrated their ability to accommodate digital evolution. Now as we enter the post-COVID reality, fitness clubs need to consider their place within the ecosystem. The key point worth considering is digital transformation.

Perfect Gym is dedicated to supporting fitness clubs in their digital transformation by helping shift their presence from a facility of choice to a brand of choice. As an all-in-one gym management system, it has been essential to develop features that help clubs through COVID. For instance, fitness clubs can offer a wide array of content online including live-streaming of in-person classes, helping members to feel part of the community.

The EuropeActive’s findings show that fitness facilities in at least fourteen European countries can operate within a limited capacity. Amid reopening, additional measures like capacity control and contactless entry guaranteeing member safety will have to be introduced.

Perfect Gym understands consumers’ need for membership management software that allows them to not only set specific zone limits within the facility but also show the real-time number of in-facility users. This simplifies compliance with ever-changing restrictions and reduces the number of administrative tasks allowing staff to focus on running the gym.

It is within Perfect Gyms mission to aid the shift from a facility of choice to a brand of choice by helping fitness clubs cultivate a frictionless customer whole life experience. To help ensure the number of members in-facility is not exceeded, Perfect Gym introduced a new feature, capacity control. Not only does this help club owners monitor the number of members within a dedicated space, once the limit is reached access can be temporarily restricted. Implementing capacity controls can significantly reduce the risk of overcrowding and as a result, help ensure member safety.

Thanks to digital evolution, a number of contactless entry systems are available, including biometric, gated, QR code or access card. The entry system with the most benefits is QR codes, from being contactless, hard to replicate and their ability to be instantly synced with the clubs’ managing platform. As a result, real-time data on the number of in-facility members is generated informing members of the accurate in-facility member status.

Perfect Gym is doing everything they can to make fitness facilities’ post-COVID recovery as smooth as possible.

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Jun 22, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez