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schwa-medico has been in the market for over 45 years. We know the digital healthcare space like no one else. With our brands and products, we want to revolutionize the industry and pursue the magnificent goal of optimally supporting every person in their quest for a better quality of life and performance potential. We hope to create a whole new dimension of promotion, care, support, and results. For a sustainable, happy life.

schwa-medico — Holistic health

Healthcare, training and IT are areas that must increasingly work hand in hand to achieve measurable success. A valid, reliable medical device was our vision for making this symbiosis integrable for every treatment and training requirement.

SYMBIONT – the Digital Health Revolution

Digital health includes the digital and genetic revolution in healthcare as well as individual health. This interdisciplinary field, which primarily consists of healthcare, IT, and communications technology, encompasses healthcare, health technologies and medicine. The prerequisites for it are suitable hardware, software and networks. The goal is to exploit the newest technological advancements and create a holistic healthcare management system.

“Digital health” and “smart health” systems are responsible for identifying the health data of individuals in addition to physicians and hospitals. They can be used for prophylactic healthcare and athletic performance enhancement.

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Sep 24, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez