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Today, health and wellness have become, more than ever, an absolute priority for people. Figures from international research speak for themselves, due to lack of exercise, 45% of people have gained weight, over 50% report greater stress and 37% even signs of depression. The impacts of such conditions in the medium term will be devastating on health and sustainability.

Since many years at Technogym we believe that Health is wealth! People’s health and wellness is an opportunity for all stakeholders: for Governments to reduce public spending, for companies to increase productivity and, above all, for people to live a better and longer life. It is essential that Governments realize this and allow fitness clubs, which are safe places, to reopen with the appropriate precautions, to offer people professional and safe programs for fitness, sport and health. We, operators, as industry we need to be strong and united in spreading this message.

After months of isolation people will want to live, to meet, to socialize, to resume, more than before, to train in fitness clubs. They will do it quickly and with a different approach and an unprecedented habit of using digital, acquired in recent months. After a very difficult year it is important to be ready for the restart!

Technogym has always been by your side in recent months, on the one hand to help you manage the emergency and on the other by continuing to invest in innovation in the sector:

In 2020 we have set up a complete consultancy scheme to help fitness clubs in managing restrictions and reopening: that includes digital solution for bookings and for managing the capacity of the different areas of the club, layout ensuring correct distancing and communication support.

With the new MyWellness 5.0 we have been helping fitness clubs in delivering their programs to their members also at home since we believe that in the future people will train both at home and in the gym, the same way they go to the restaurant and at the same time use the home delivery service. Home fitness can never replace the experience lived in the gym in terms of social relationships, variety of equipment and activities and professionalism of the service. On the contrary, it will represent a strong ally and a great additional business opportunity for operators who will be able to offer services and programs even at home.

It is up to all of us, at this moment, to create trust together and invest in the future of our companies, our teams and our families. The future sustainability of the planet is increasingly dependent on health and we, wellness and fitness operators, play a key role in this common challenge to build a better world.

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Feb 23, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez