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BRP Systems AB is the leading provider of member management systems in the Nordics, empowering a large proportion of the biggest gym- & fitness operators in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Besides the fitness industry, BRP Systems also develops and delivers bespoke solutions for the Bath & Spa sector. Via offices in Linköping (SE), Malmö (SE), Aarhus (DK) and Oslo (NO) BRP Systems support their customer base, and ensure a close dialogue and strong relationship with the customer base. 

BRP Systems AB was originally founded in Sweden in 2004 and have via organic growth and various acquisitions build a significant group that delivers not only member management systems, but also innovative features as Business Intelligence, Self Service Kiosks, Member App, Access systems and Control and Financial Services. With more than 115 employees, BRP empowers more than 2.000 facilities and besides the Nordics, BRP delivers solutions to Iceland, UK, Spain, Croatia, The Faeroe Islands and Greenland. 
From the Headquarter in Linköping (SE) all activities are coordinated, with the strategic aim to support the vision of making it easier for the operators to run their businesses. The human dimension is a key element in BRP Systems as there is a strong belief that the offerings must always bring value to the customers and end-users. Software business is a people business, and close interactions with the various stakeholders are critical in all aspects of the operation. All customers are linked into a Customer Success Team to secure a swift and efficient attention to all customers wishes and need for support and assistance. 
In 2021, BRP Systems began a large investment project called “Mobility”. This project includes a completely new app and web booking. The different elements are built on the latest technology and integrate seamlessly into the BRP Backend to ensure a smooth and future proof solution. With more than 70 different integrations to 3rd parties, BRP System can be adapted to meet most customers’ needs today, as well as in the future. 
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Jul 18, 2022 By Pauline Joskin