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It’s no secret that the fitness and physical activity sector has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, fitness facilities have faced a seemingly constant loop of closures and restrictions over this last year. The fitness sector has had to move quickly and adapt to ensure that staff and members could find an alternative way of operating.

Life Fitness has been central in creating some new and easy ways to keep members fit while ensuring they remain safe through its COVID-19 Industry Support Initiatives. These include free console software updates to make social distancing, cleaning and managing capacity easier for facilities; new digital solutions for facilities and exercisers where classes are offered for free to help facilities engage with members outside of the gym, and on-demand instructor-led classes for exercisers; as well as a Facility Reopening Toolkit & Resources. This last one consists of a library of resources with important information to help facilities reopen safely and feature a Reopening Toolkit, a Reopening eBook, general content and industry news with a focus on initiatives to ease restrictions and new research in support of reopening gyms.

While the industry has long been moving towards expanding its digital offerings, the pandemic has forced the sector to move at break-neck speed towards more diversified digitalized content. The innovative and resourceful developments that Life Fitness has put together have been crucial in keeping fitness facilities from completely shutting down and have helped Personal Trainers and gym-goers keep up with their pre-COVID routines.

While many look forward to the day they can go back to their local gym, where community, friendly advice and inspiration awaits them, these initiatives have broken new ground and have proved to be extremely important, not only for individuals’ fitness regimen but also for the fitness and physical activity sector as a whole.

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Jan 27, 2021 By Carlos Fernandez