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Perfect Gym develops gym management tools to help owners create a member-centred experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the future of the fitness industry is in digital innovation and the ability to adapt. The industry needs to be proactive in order to stay relevant to their consumers’ needs and the market’s growth and evolution. 

A digital approach, once the preserve of early adopters is now a must for all high performers. Perfect Gym delivers enterprise-level tools to smaller businesses in a mission to support fitness clubs in their digital transformation and help them to shift their presence from being a facility of choice to a whole life brand of choice. 
Perfect Gym believes in and delivers a truly open strategy built to help operators implement their chosen ecosystem of consumer experiences and manage their business intelligence. Integrations with experience centric products such as EGYM and My Wellness as well as AI tools such as Keep Me all come together in the operator’s fully connected ecosystem, facilitated by the Perfect Gym Platform. 
Identifying and fighting churn is one of the greatest challenges fitness facilities are met with right now. In response to that, Perfect Gym has developed a mobile-first approach, creating a high level of engagement among fitness facilities customers in order to drive interaction and prevent churn. 
Perfect Gym is a mobile-first all-in-one global SaaS gym management platform, offering a suite of modules including a dynamic consumer portal delivering flexible online joining functions to support membership growth. The mobile app allows club members to book and pay for classes with their smartphones, giving maximum flexibility in how and when they manage their accounts. 
The QR code entry feature is both safe and efficient, granting members contactless entry, and the facility an instant synchronisation with the club’s management platform. Incentivising the use of QR codes and, therefore, the app itself opens a new communication channel, allowing efficient, automated communication with members through push notifications. 
Perfect Gym accounts for the growing significance of hyper-personalisation. The open API means the app integrates with equipment, wearables, apps, and 3rd party tools to create a complete mobile platform which generates the ability to collect and analyse data. 
Perfect Gym focuses on an open and flexible strategy to introduce efficient tools, helping the industry’s recovery. They allow for creating a highly personalised experience for consumers, inviting them to build a relationship with a fitness brand, rather than just a facility. 
Jun 21, 2022 By Pauline Joskin