EuropeaActive, Expert Group, NQFs

EuropeActive presented its concept for the recognition of fitness qualifications at the recent meeting of the Expert Group on Skills and Human Resources in Lisbon, Portugal. In a presentation called “taking the long view” it was a summary of the work that EuropeActive has been doing for the past 18 years to develop a “harmonised” approach to fitness trainer certification and qualification.

In its recent work with DG Employment and DG EAC EuropeActive proposed its pathway for the European-wide recognition of fitness trainer qualifications based on its occupational standards. The preferred option is for close working through national partners to introduce the EuropeActive qualifications onto National Qualification Frameworks (NQF). By using its new proposed body of a Certifying Organisation it would add additional layers of quality assurance in the process and a clear link to the way the European Register of Exercise Professionals will operate in the future.

The pathway process was presented to the European Qualification Framework Advisory Group as a model for how international qualifications would be respected across Europe and the practical requirements were explained in detail at the Expert Group. With representatives from the European Commission in attendance, 25 Member States and 10 observer organisations, the occasion was the ideal opportunity to test the theory and turn it into practice.

EuropeActive’s standards are already used to build qualifications on 4 NQFs and there are 3 more in progress. Commentating on the outcome of the Expert Group meeting Cliff Collins, EuropeActive’s Programmes Director said “We have shown a clear way forward for enhancing European qualifications and the quality assurances processes that are needed. The Member States realise that it is their interest as much as for the European fitness sector to have relevant qualifications so that fitness trainers have the skills to meet the opportunities our customers and employers are demanding.”



May 23, 2019 By admin