The European Commission’s Digital Decade policy programme is a comprehensive initiative aimed at leveraging the power of technology to drive economic growth, improve social outcomes, and enhance the overall quality of life. This initiative intends to address the most pressing challenges that our societies are facing, such as inequality, climate change, and health-related issues, among others. 
The programme’s framework, based on the Digital Compass, is built on four pillars: digital infrastructure, digital skills, digital business, and digital public services. The first pillar emphasises the need to build the necessary infrastructure to support digital growth, such as high-speed Internet and 5G networks. The second pillar is centred around developing the digital skills necessary for individuals to succeed in the digital economy. The third pillar focuses on fostering digital innovation, including through investments in research and development, and support for start-ups and SMEs. Finally, the fourth pillar stresses the importance of digital technologies in improving public services by securing digital identity, reducing barriers and ensuring services are accessible across borders. 
One important aspect of the initiative is its focus on the importance of data privacy and security, as well as ensuring that technology is used in an ethical and responsible manner. Furthermore, it puts an emphasis on digital inclusion, namely that all individuals should have access to the benefits of technology, regardless of their socioeconomic status or location.  
This long-term initiative will be implemented through a variety of means, including government funding, private-public partnerships, and community-based projects. It will require the cooperation and collaboration of multiple stakeholders, including government, business, and civil society. Each year, the Commission will publish a report on the ‘State of the Digital Decade' that will be presented to the European Parliament and the Council. 
The Digital Decade policy programme will benefit a wide range of businesses and organisations by leveraging technology to increase accessibility and convenience for consumers. Additionally, the programme can also support the growth of online communities, allowing users to connect effectively and share information. Overall, the initiative can help to make fitness and physical activity more convenient and engaging for consumers, leading to increased participation and improved health outcomes. 
You can find more information about the European Commission’s Digital Decade Policy Programme in the recently published Q&A  
Jan 26, 2023 By Pauline Joskin