Today, Cliff Collins – EuropeActive Programmes Director – has visited the UKAD offices in London. UKAD is currently collaborating with the UK National Government to run anti-doping campaigns addressing amateur sport.  Indeed, official statistics show that more than a third of British amateur sports people know someone who had doped, and 8% said they had taken something themselves. Half believed that performance enhancing substance use is ’widespread’ among those who play sports competitively.

EuropeActive has 10 years’ experience with doping projects, studies and events in the context of amateur sport. Moreover, EuropeActive has a network composed by thousands of European Fitness Stakeholders including British ones. These two aspects and the British context abovementioned will allow to build up a fruitful collaboration between UKAD and EuropeActive. 

In the last years, UKAD actively participated in the Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational sport, organized in Brussels by EuropeActive in the framework of FAIR Project. Several UKAD representatives joined the discussions and followed them up with the other participants.

We hope that this commitment will last in the other Forum editions and in other EU funded projects.

Jan 17, 2019 By admin