The European DataHub is a sector-wide digital transformation project with a vision to build a more data-driven sport, physical activity and fitness sector. Data from across the sector is aggregated, cleaned, standardised and reported against, providing a unique level of insight at a pan-European scale. As data collection processes become more mature and the level of data becomes more granular, data will be used to drive research across the global sport and physical activity sector. Ultimately, we will provide EuropeActive and partners with the data and insight to demonstrate the scale, impact and value of the European Health and Fitness Market.
Through improved insight and data, we are building the research and knowledge base in our sector, which will benefit all parties, from commercial organisations looking to grow market share, to not-for profit bodies looking to work with specific participant groups. The European DataHub will enable sector stakeholders to:
  1. Calculate and monitor the scale and coverage of the European
  2. Analyse ongoing participation trends and demonstrate the health benefits from activity within clubs 
  3. Underpin global research projects, partnering with world-renowned organisations and academics 
  4. Benchmark performance against the rest of the sector. 
Driven by these use cases, we have identified a key set of metrics which can be shared via a secure, robust and (wherever possible) automated data sharing process, allowing operators and technology partners to join the European DataHub project with ease.
The project team, led by 4GLOBAL and supported by the team at EuropeActive, has been working with EuropeActive’s President Councils, including some of the largest operators in the world. We have complete pilot data integrations with Perfect Gym and are currently working will all President Council members to share data and make the most of the benchmarking opportunities. 
We are now preparing to open the European DataHub to the whole sector, using API-led integrations wherever possible. This will mark a key milestone in the project and will enable operators of all sizes to share data, as well as having access to free insight dashboards and benchmarking. The only requirement for you to be part of the project is that you are a member of EuropeActive.
Further information will be announced in September, however if you would like to find out more about the European DataHub or have any questions, please contact
Jul 22, 2022 By Pauline Joskin