Based on the fact that...

  • 1 out of 5 children is affect by overweight or obesity in Europe
  • European children spend only 5% of their school-time in physical activities
  • Less than 10% of them meet the WHO recommendations on physical activity

… no doubt that there is a real pandemic of physical inactivity in Europe among children.

To tackle this issue, the European Commission (DG EAC) has launched in 2015 the European Week of Sport, an initiative to promote sport and physical activities in the European Union, with also a focus on education and schools.

The European Commission (DG SANTE) has also developed a Platform for Action on Diet and physical activity, and an Action Plan on Childhood Obesity 2014-2020


As part of the 1st edition of the European Week of Sport, organised by the European Commission, EuropeActive successfully ran the Active Learning for Children in Schools, cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

The ALCIS project encourages children to reflect about different lifestyle choices in relation to physical activity, stress management and overall wellbeing with the aim for a long-term impact. The project combines fun-orientated exercise classes with educational material on lifestyle issues that will be based on the My Choices Planner. This pedagogical tool is based on a methodology that not only provides information, but also teaches life skills such as critical thought, goal-setting and self-analysis. This way, young people are empowered to make and implement their own lifestyle choices. The aim of ALCIS is to encourage children, their relatives and friends to live healthy and exercise regularly.

Over 7.500 schoolchildren from 5 EU countries (UK, IE, LT, NL and IT) took part to the project!

ALCIS - video