EuropeActive is a key partner of the new Erasmus+ project called the European Week of Clean Sport (EWCS). The Erasmus+ funded project has the aim of developing a large-scale anti-doping communication/social marketing campaign that will be tested and trialled in four European countries (Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Poland). It will be implemented by key strategic partners with a remit to protect and promote clean sport, across levels of sport and across age and minority groups. The partners are supported by other academic experts in the area of anti-doping and the EWCS project is committed to evidence-informed practices and policy-making at both the national and EU levels. 
It will provide evidence-based recommendations for policy and practice for the implementation of the EWCS. EuropeActive will be leading on project communication and social media because of its extensive experience in coordinating dissemination in previous E+ Sport projects. Some of the outcomes from the recent FAIR+ project will set the context and background to help develop new key principles in designing, implementing, and evaluating communication and social marketing campaigns in anti-doping across sport and physical activity.