The Indian fitness sector is a young market with an annual growth of 9% and has developed a vibrant and entrepreneurial culture that Europeans can benefit from. Both India and the EU have rich and diverse cultures, languages and demographics and face similar challenges in this mission to get more people active and into healthy lifestyles.

With the project, EuropeActive aims at establishing a regular exchange scheme between EU and Indian fitness professionals and staff to exchange knowledge, skills and ideas for promoting healthy lifestyles. EuropeActive, supported by the 6 participating organisations (partners), are well placed to successfully implement the FOM project activities and to guarantee an effective dissemination and long-lasting impact of the exchange mobility scheme. In addition, both the Indian Sport Physical Education Fitness and Leisure Skills Council and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry have expressed high interest and support for the FOM project through their letters of commitment.

1) Exchange of knowledge, ideas, and good practices to improve business opportunities and develop professional and educational skills to promote the adaption of healthy lifestyles.
2) Create a framework for further cooperation between the European and Indian fitness stakeholders (e.g. increase mobility opportunities) through capacity development of individuals and partners.
3) Promote EU values through fitness (ref art.2 TEU); promoting tolerance, inclusion, equality, transparency and good governance through an intensive mobility period.

1) Developing a mobility scheme for the promotion of healthy lifestyles in culturally diverse environments between EU countries & India.
2) Identifying and exchange Good Practice examples for the promotion of healthy lifestyles from governments, fitness providers, professionals and training providers and how to include culturally diverse societies.
3) First International Healthy Lifestyle Conference.
4) Capacity building – using ideas, skills and knowledge acquired during the exchange programme in participants’ local communities to promote healthy lifestyles.

Fitness on the Move meeting
Fitness on the Move meeting