The PAHA project was constructed around the delivery of controlled, structured exercise programmes for 55-65 year olds who were presently inactive. This means that they were not exercising at a level that is recommended to be beneficial to their health but where a programme of intervention could be introduced to encourage them to take part in a trial of supervised activity. The project was implemented in

  • 7 countries (Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom),
  • 3 fitness centres per country
  • 3 trial sessions – each of 6 weeks duration – per fitness centre
  • 15 participants per trial

An eighth trial run through the clubs of Fit&Sund in Denmark. They have 12 fitness centres which already deliver specific, targeted programmes for older adults in a programme that is supported by the University of Southern Denmark. They inducted 45-50 older adults in three trial programmes based on the main PAHA methodology.

3 personal trainers (PTs) per fitness centre were given additional training in two specific areas:

In total, over 800 people took part in the trial sessions and very positive feedback was receive from the participants.

  • “Community activator” which is about motivational and people skills training – these are the skills required to help inactive people to understand about the importance of regular activity and to help guide them through the early stages to make decision to come on the 6-week trial. Since then, the Personal Trainers have been their point of contact for the structured exercise programme.
  • Active ageing trainer standards (existing EHFA/European standards) that is be adapted to suit the 6 week programme for older adults that have progressed their clients towards safe and effective exercising and into longer term adherence.


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