Supplier Member in the Spotlight: Perfect Gym

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Perfect Gym develops gym management tools to help owners create a member-centred experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the future of the fitness industry is in digital innovation and the ability to adapt. The industry needs to be proactive in order to stay relevant to their consumers’ needs and the market’s growth and evolution. 

Supplier Member in the Spotlight: Myzone

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The key to unlocking community through embracing tech

Let’s get straight to the point… Social connections through a physical activity-focussed digital network increase exercise levels by over 40% compared with instances where members move in isolation. Every gym needs a platform that gives members access to a community so that they never train alone.

Club Operator Member in the Spotlight: SATS

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«We make people healthier and happier» is the vison of the company, and with the pandemic as a backdrop, this vision has never been more important to inspire the Nordic population back to good routines, and contribute to the comeback of the Fitness Industry.

Supplier Member in the Spotlight - Technogym

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Achieving true wellness is determined by the interaction of daily physical activity, a balanced nutritious diet and a positive mental attitude. 

Club Operator Member in the spotlight – Basic-Fit

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The last two years have showed the importance and necessity of the fitness industry to help Europe’s population with their physical wellbeing and mental health. Only together can we take on the current health crisis. Studies now show that 46% of Europeans don’t exercise during the week and 35% don’t do any form of physical activity. These numbers show the need for action.