2022 Eurobarometer on Sport and Physical Activity reveals that 45% of Europeans never exercise or play sport

The European Commission has recently published the 5th Eurobarometer on Sport and Physical Activity in September 2022. Results are based on a 20-question survey from 26,580 Europeans from all 27 Member States.
Some of the key findings revealed that 45% of Europeans currently never exercise or partake in physical activity. The survey also unveiled that during the COVID-19 pandemic, half of Europeans reduced their activity levels or even stopped exercising altogether.

European Public Health Week: raising awareness of the health benefits of physical activity!

The European Public Health Week took place from 16 to the 22 May 2022. Each day focused on a new topic, such as climate change, mental health, or vaccination. Organisations from all over Europe were welcome to submit events or campaigns linked to these topics, with the aim of drawing attention to public health issues. 
The theme of the first day was ‘a healthy and health literate youth’, which included physical activity as one of its subtopics.

New Health 2022 project training healthy lifestyle professionals

The proportion of physically inactive EU citizens who live an unhealthy lifestyle remains unacceptably high. According to the 2018 Eurobarometer on sport and physical activity, 46% of EU citizens do not exercise or play sport at all, while more and more Europeans eat unhealthily and suffer chronically from stress. In the past 50 to 70 years, generations of us did not learn about the health & prevention guidelines that research now offers, so it’s time for a knowledge update.