EuropeActive is now a member of the Pact For Skills

EuropeActive has successfully joined the Pact for Skills, endorsing the European Commission’s engagement model for skills development in Europe. The Pact for Skills aims to mobilise a concerted effort for quality investment in skills for all working age people across the Union by bringing together all stakeholders, private and public, which share the objective of up- and reskilling Europe’s workforce and facilitating public-private cooperation.

EuropeActive is launching a renewed Sector Skills Alliance for Fitness and Physical Activity

After identifying and mobilising the Active Leisure sector as a combination of the fitness and outdoor sub-sectors from 2008 onwards, EuropeActive and the European Confederation of Outdoor Employers (EC-OE) launched the Sector Skills Alliance for Active Leisure in 2016. The alliance was comprised of a strategic cooperation between key stakeholders: employers, operators, trade unions, research, education, training institutions, public authorities and civil society organisations.