ISM 2020 - EuropeActive’s professional standards flagship event

On Thursday, 19 November EuropeActive will host its annual International Standards Meeting (ISM), our main event for training providers, employers, practitioners and other key stakeholders in the fitness and wellness industry, which has become one of the most important vocational education events in Europe.

Health, Digital, Community and Standards - Our four overarching priorities for the 2020 Active Autumn

As a result of the consultation process with main stakeholders of the fitness and physical activity sector, EuropeActive outlined its overall priorities and corresponding work programme for 2020 – 2021. The strategy paper, first published in spring, defined how the association would deliver information and assistance for our sector to effectively operate through COVID-19, reopening, and help the sector adapt to the post-C19 scenario.

Setting standards and skills for the ‘new normal’

This is a time of great upheaval and change. The fitness and physical activity sector has been hit hard by measures imposed to combat the coronavirus outbreak. In most countries in Europe, all fitness clubs have been closed and fitness professionals find themselves out of work or attempting to transition, with enforced haste, to delivering services online. We are being forced to adapt and innovate like never before but while this may be an uncomfortable and financially challenging situation, it may also shed some light on future directions and opportunities.