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Why EuropeActive

Founded in 1996 as a nonprofit organisation, we continue to be the sole voice addressing key EU institutions on behalf of the European fitness and physical activity sector.

EuropeActive represents a sector that generates revenues of more than EUR €28.2 billion annually, with over 64,000 facilities used by more than 64 million customers in Europe.

Our main goal remains the fight against inactivity, while our objectives outline our long-term focus on the continuous development of the sector through our work with the EU Institutions, national associations, fitness operators and suppliers, our front-line professionals, and through our growing number of Europe-wide events.

EuropeActive aims to co-operate with the European Union and other international organisations to achieve its objective to get;


Protecting and Promoting since 1996

The Brussels-based EU Affairs Team is watching, listening, and informing on issues which directly affect businesses and people who work across the fitness sector.

We proactively represent our members and stakeholders’ interests with the main EU institutions, the OECD and WHO, as well as other civil society organisations. We also coordinate with debates, discussions and hearings of the European Parliament and Commission and at a significant number of conferences seminars and expert groups throughout the year

EuropeActive also cooperates with the European Standards Body CEN and have a long record of delivering high-quality outcomes in over 14 EU-funded projects that are helping to build the capacity of the fitness & physical activity sector.

Our Target

Physical activity is not just a public health issue; it also addresses  the  well-being  of  communities,  protection  of the environment and investment in future generations. Countries need to reverse the trend towards inactivity and create conditions across the WHO European Region in which people can strengthen their health by making  physical  activity  part  of  everyday  life.  
World Health Organisation: Physical activity and health in Europe: evidence for action

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