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Standards are crucial for our sector as they establish consistent guidelines, ensuring quality and safety. They foster trust, promote efficiency, and drive industry growth and innovation. EuropeActive's Standards are developed by the Professional Standards Committee through 18 years of collaboration with 200+ experts; these standards define occupational roles and their essential skills. Accessible to accredited providers and EuropeActive members, they aim to align with the European Qualification Framework (EQF) and national frameworks. Contact us for details on these evolving standards and their application to professional qualifications.

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The Accreditation Process

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FitCert: Elevating Fitness Club Standards for Safety and Quality

FitCert is a European certification for fitness clubs, relying on the new European standards EN17229 to ensure safety and reliability in fitness facilities. It enables clubs to demonstrate adherence to these standards, providing high-quality operations and safe environments for users. By being listed on the FitCert Register, clubs showcase their commitment to excellent customer service, professionalism and user safety.

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