Who are we?

Founded over two decades ago, today EuropeActive stands as a distinguished European Association for fitness and physical activity. Our evolution in 2015 not only rebranded us but also reaffirmed our commitment to advocating for fitness and physical activity across Europe. At our core, we are dedicated to the mission of increasing engagement in physical activity for everyone.

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Our Mission

To advocate for and support organisations dedicated to making fitness and physical activity more accessible, aiming to get more people, more active, more often.

Our Vision

To be the leading voice and driving force in the European fitness and physical activity sector, continually inspiring progress and engagement.

Discover the core principles guiding the fitness and physical activity sector into the future with EuropeActive's Sectoral Manifesto. This vital document outlines our commitment to promoting health, driving industry standards, and fostering innovation across Europe. Learn how we're shaping a healthier, more active tomorrow. 

Click below to see the full manifesto.

Our Sectoral Manifesto​​

Our Industry and Focus

'Active' in our name represents our industry's essence. Our goal is to make fitness and health-enhancing physical activity widely accessible and achievable. We advocate for free, fair, and innovative competition, and we believe that the continuous enhancement of skills and evidence-based knowledge is vital for our industry's success and purpose.

Our Roots and Values

EuropeActive is deeply rooted in the European ethos. We embody and support the fundamental values of the European Union, including respect for human dignity and rights, freedom, democracy, equality, and the rule of law. As a non-profit organisation, we pride ourselves on our democratic structure, drawing legitimacy from our diverse members and stakeholders. We are committed to transparency, scientific evidence, and creative innovation, forming the foundation of our outreach to global industry and external partners.

The procedure for selecting candidates to stand for election to the Board of Directors was discussed at the April 2018 General Assembly. Click here to see the process for future elections.

For a copy of the original EHFA IVZW statutes please click here. These are in original Flemish and translated English.

The EuropeActive (EHFA) Statutes, as modified and approved at the last General Assembly in Essen, on 13 April 2011, can be downloaded here.  Please note, this is a combined language version, Dutch/English.

The EuropeActive (EHFA) Statutes were modified and approved at an EGA in Amsterdam on 16th October 2014 can be downloaded here. Please note, this is a combined language version, Dutch/English.

The most recent revision of the statutes (2015) can be downloaded here.

EuropeActive is registered in Belgium as a not-for-profit organisation, No.0898 584 937, at the following address:

House of Sport
Avenue des Arts / Kunstlaan 43,
B-1040 Brussels,

VAT No. BE 0898 584 937

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