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EuropeActive facilitates and supports market and scientific research through THiNK Active and the European DataHub. The primary aim is to enhance the quality of knowledge and evidence concerning the fitness and physical activity sector.

About THiNK Active

Founded in September 2020 by EuropeActive's Board of Directors and backed by the President's Council for Operators, THiNK Active is EuropeActive's fresh Research Centre. It's a pioneering initiative aimed at offering evidence and advocating best practices for the fitness and physical activity sector throughout Europe and beyond. The sector is investing resources to build a strong evidence base that empowers us to create meaningful and long-lasting public health impacts.

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THiNK Active Team

Meet the THiNK Active Team—a collective of dedicated professionals committed to driving impactful research and advancing evidence-based practices in the fitness and physical activity sector. Each member brings a wealth of expertise and passion to our mission, ensuring THiNK Active remains at the forefront of transformative initiatives. Get to know the faces behind our endeavours to shape a healthier, more active world!

Our Scientific Advisory Board, THiNK Active SAB, unites academic and industry experts who are passionate about our research and its societal impact. This board anchors our pursuit of visibility and credibility, fortifying our commitment to fostering impactful changes within the field.

THiNK Active Team - Professor Alfonso Jiminez

Professor Alfonso Jiminez

Head of THiNK Active

Research Centre for Sport Sciences, King Juan Carlos University 

THiNK Active Team - Dr. Ines Nieto

Dr. Ines Nieto

Senior Research Fellow

King Juan Carlos University

THiNK Active Team - Professor Larissa Davies

Professor Larissa Davies

Scientific Advisory Board Chair

Sheffield Hallam University

THiNK Active Team - Professor Daniela Caporossi

Professor Daniela Caporossi

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Università di Roma Foro Italico 

THiNK Active Team - Professor Paolo Caserotti

Professor Paolo Caserotti

Scientific Advisory Board Member

University of Southern Denmark

THiNK Active Team - Professor Gary Liguori

Professor Gary Liguori

Scientific Advisory Board Member

University of West Florida
(United States)

THiNK Active Team - Dr. Lindsey J. Reece

Dr. Lindsey J. Reece

Scientific Advisory Board Member

University of Sydney and Australian Sports Commission 

THiNK Active Team - Professor Anna Szumilewicz

Professor Anna Szumilewicz

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport 

THiNK Active Team - Professor Willem van Mechelen

Professor Willem van Mechelen

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Vrije University

THiNK Active Team - Dr. Matthew Wade

Dr. Matthew Wade

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Head of Research
ukactive Research Institute 

THiNK Active Team - Dr. Steve Mann

Dr. Steve Mann

Industry Board Member


THiNK Active Team - Professor Niels Nagel

Professor Niels Nagel

Industry Board Member


THiNK Active Team - Dr. Xian Mayo

Dr. Xian Mayo

Secretary THiNK Active

Research Centre for Sport Sciences, King Juan Carlos University 

Prof. Dr. Sarah Kobel

Industry Board Member

German University for Prevention and Health Management

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THiNK Active Research focuses on bridging the gap between evidence and action to cultivate enduring public health impacts. As we share our insights, THiNK Active stands as a valuable resource, propelling positive change for stakeholders serving communities globally. Explore our publications to witness evidence-based approaches shaping the fitness and physical activity landscape.