The "HEPA Project - A whole school approach promoting Health Enhancing Physical Activity" will firstly analyse the best practices developed by each partner to the promotion of physical activity among young populations. Partners will afterwards be able to both work and learn from each other for developing together a school-based global resource to address the global issue of physical inactivity among this age group.


1. Adopt a school-based holistic approach to promote leisure time physical activity by including a wide and diverse group of teachers and relevant stakeholders.
2. Identify the most effective educational materials related to health-enchancing physical activity.
3. Develop an educational course to be used by teachers, academics and educational authorities.
4. Encourange teachers and relevant stakeholders to incorporate courses regarding health- enhancing physical activity into their educational curricula.
5. Provide public education a course that will provide adequate education on health-enchancing physical activity and can be cultivated across all school subjects.

EuropeActive, as partner, is responsible:

  • For the quality assurance of the project. In this regard, it will prepare an evaluation and interim report on the quality of the project outcome (WP3).
  • For the drating of the project code of conduct and policy recommendations paper (WP7). The Code will identify best practices in promoting physical activity through school and school physical education to develop policy recommendations.
  • To organize and host a Multiplier Event in Brussels, at the end of the project, to disseminate the project outcomes to relevant stakeholders and target groups.