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Our mission would be unattainable without the involvement of the National Fitness Associations

National Associations

EuropeActive advocates for a strong consolidation of the EU fitness sector, a mission that would be unattainable without the involvement of the EU National Fitness Associations. EuropeActive works in close cooperation with 21 National Associations that coordinate the implementation of EuropeActive policies and standards in their countries. In this regard, they are provided with knowledge, information, support, visibility at sector events, networking opportunities and multiple projects to be explored together with other members.

European Fitness Associations Forum (EFAF)

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EuropeActive works in close cooperation with its 20 National Fitness Associations for a continued professionalisation of the European fitness sector as part of EuropeActive strategy. The European Fitness Associations Forum, the biggest gathering of National Associations in Europe, is hosted by EuropeActive to bring together all national associations and provides a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills. The Forum helps National Associations to provide a better service to their members and to improve their activities, benefiting the European Fitness sector as a whole.


The cooperation between EuropeActive and National Associations has previously yielded significant input to the harmonization of the EU countries fitness sectors by sharing of best-practices and joint management of sector challenges.

Representing the sector at the EU level

Having as future objective to incorporate all the EU National Agencies, as the representatives of their countries, EuropeActive aims to expand the geography of its activity and exercise fully its mandate of representing the fitness, physical activity and wellbeing sector at the EU level.

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EuropeActive represents the whole industry, including associations, suppliers, training providers and individuals because it has a simple unifying purpose: to raise standards in the health and fitness sector and get 'more people more active more often'.