EuropeActive Awards

Recognising Excellence in Fitness and Physical Activity Leadership

 Our EuropeActive Awards Winners!

The Active Citizenship Award: 
Sarah Roberts​​​

Sarah, Head of Fitness at Places Leisure, exemplifies the spirit of active citizenship in the fitness sector. With over 30 years of dedication to the industry and 25 years at Places Leisure, Sarah's journey from personal weight loss to empowering others resonates deeply. Her leadership in fostering community engagement, inclusivity, and social responsibility sets a shining example for us all. Congratulations, Sarah, on this well-deserved recognition! 

The Rainer Schaller
Entrepreneurship Award: 

Nerio Alessandri

Nerio's entrepreneurial vision and innovative spirit have transformed the European fitness landscape. From founding Technogym in 1983 at the age of 22 to pioneering groundbreaking fitness technologies, his journey is a testament to relentless creativity and unwavering commitment. Congratulations, Nerio! Your contributions to our industry are outstanding! 

These winners embody the ethos of progress, innovation, and community that define EuropeActive. Join us in applauding their extraordinary achievements and draw inspiration from their dedication to shaping a healthier, more inclusive, and socially responsible future for all.

🏆 Our EuropeActive Awards 🏆

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Active Citizenship Award

We are thrilled to introduce The Active Citizenship Award, celebrating outstanding leaders in the European fitness and physical activity sector who go above and beyond in fostering civic spirit, social awareness, and responsibility.

 This award is dedicated to business or association leaders who have exhibited exemplary dedication over the past year, championing critical causes such as green transition, environmental protection, inclusion, and physical activity for all. 

Rainer Schaller Entrepreneurship Award

The Rainer Schaller Entrepreneurship Award celebrates truly inspiring entrepreneurs who are agents of positive change across Europe.

Honouring the life and impact of Rainer Schaller, this award recognises individuals who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit in their pursuit of new ideas and innovative solutions, focusing on the European fitness and physical activity industry.

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