The Engine: Meet Our Team

At EuropeActive, our team is like a well-oiled treadmill – efficient, steady, and always moving forward. We handle everything from strategic planning and EU affairs to managing finances and day-to-day operations. Think of us as the backstage crew in Europe's fitness theater, ensuring every performance runs smoothly. While we take our roles seriously, we're not afraid to have a little fun – after all, a healthy dose of laughter is part of a balanced lifestyle!

Our Team

Kai Troll 
Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Edmonds
Educational Services Director
United Kingdom
EuropeActive Team - Ilaria ​Ragni
Ilaria ​Ragni
Policy Officer
EuropeActive Team - Anna Miškovičová
Anna Miškovičová 
Communications & Campaign Officer

EuropeActive Team - Ioana Marica
Ioana Marica
Communications & PR Officer

EuropeActive Team - Gisella Guglielminotti
Gisella Guglielminotti
Policy Officer

EuropeActive Team - Emilia Happel
Emilia Happel

Partnership Manager

EuropeActive Team - Andreas Paulsen
Charlie Heywood

Accreditation Manager
United Kingdom

EuropeActive Team - Charlie Heywood
Priscilia Kazumba

Events Manager

EuropeActive Team - Robbie McGregor
Robbie McGregor

Systems Manager
United Kingdom
EuropeActive Team - Kiera Wason
Kiera Wason

EU Affairs Manager

EuropeActive Team - Alina Chebes
Alina Chebes
Senior Policy Officer
Republic of Moldova

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