The Rainer Schaller Entrepreneurship Award

The Rainer Schaller Entrepreneurship Award celebrates the truly inspiring entrepreneurs who are the agents of positive change across Europe.

Honouring the life and impact of Rainer Schaller, this award is dedicated to recognising individuals who have demonstrated exceptional creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit in their pursuit of new ideas and innovative solutions, with a focus on the European fitness and physical activity industry. 

Nominees for this honour are expected to be strongly committed to challenging conventional thinking and reforming established business models, resulting in notable advancements and positive changes within the industry. Eligible candidates should have a track record of challenging traditional approaches and disrupting established business practices, ultimately contributing to significant progress and breakthroughs in the field.

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Rainer Schaller

Will You Be Crowned the Rainer Schaller Entrepreneur of 2024?

The accolades won't necessarily go to the most senior leaders. We want to celebrate incredible stories of passion, tenacity, courage, innovation and disruption from entrepreneurs running businesses of all sizes and  stages.

We have an esteemed judging panel of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts who are looking for ingenuity, innovation, impact and resilience.

Applications will close on February 19, 2024.

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Award Criteria

Have you demonstrated outstanding leadership in the European health and fitness sector, with a focus on innovative thinking and creativity?

Do you have a proven entrepreneurial mindset, evidenced by taking calculated risks and driving novel advancements within the industry?

Have you introduced impactful, original ideas, products, or solutions that have positively influenced the European health and fitness sector with the data to back it up?

Have you positively disrupted established industry models, resulting in significant transformations and advancements?

Have you achieved exceptional business results in the past year, contributing significantly to sector growth and influence?

Awards Timeline

Europe Active Awards Applications Open

November 1, 2023
Awards applications/nominations are opened.


February 19, 2024

Awards applications/nominations are closed.


March 1, 2024

Award Finalists are announced & notified.

The Winner Announced

April 10, 2024
Winner is awarded at the European Health and Fitness Forum.

Remembering Rainer Schaller

4 January 1969 – 21 October 2022

This award honours a true visionary and a relentless entrepreneur.

Life & Legacy

Rainer Schaller, Visionary entrepreneur

Born in 1969, Germany – Died in a tragic plane crash on 21 October 2022, Costa Rica.

Rainer Schaller was more than just the founder of McFIT and guiding light of RSG -group. He was someone who inspired people to reach for the stars. Someone who encouraged others to believe in themselves and their own potential and was firmly convinced that there are no limits to those who pursue common goals with united forces.

As a visionary, he pushed ideas forward and made them a reality. With his boundless passion for innovation, he achieved the impossible, which no one else believed in at first.

As founder, owner and CEO, he created and lived a corporate culture where trust is sown, and true friendship is reaped alongside success.

As a friend and mentor, he was there for others unconditionally. At eye level, approachable and open, he listened to others and provided reassurance – especially when they needed it most.

As a person, Rainer loved life. And yet, he never forgot that you must go through struggle to grow.

In 25 years, there were countless moments when Rainer and his teams worked together, celebrated, laughed, and motivated each other. They will remember every one of them that shaped them as a company and as an RSG Group family – gratefully and proudly.

All these moments will help to continue Rainer’s vision and to let his values, which are firmly rooted in the RSG teams' everyday life, live on.

Rainer Schaller

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