The Active Citizenship Award

We are thrilled to introduce The Active Citizenship Award celebrating outstanding leaders in the European fitness and physical activity sector who go above and beyond in fostering civic spirit, social awareness, and responsibility.

In an era where our collective actions have far-reaching consequences, EuropeActive is committed to highlighting and applauding those individuals who have made remarkable contributions to our community. This award is dedicated to business or association leaders who have exhibited exemplary dedication over the past year, championing critical causes such as green transition, environmental protection, inclusion, and physical activity for all.

By recognising these trailblazers, we aim to showcase their incredible efforts in  elevating our industry and fortifying societal trust and confidence. Help us in celebrating the extraordinary individuals who are making a lasting impact on the European fitness and physical activity sector and who inspire us all to strive for a healthier, more inclusive, and socially responsible future.

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Will You Be The Active Citizen of 2024?

The accolades won't necessarily go to the most senior leaders. We're all about celebrating incredible stories filled with heart, grit, and guts. We want to recognise leaders from companies and groups who've gone all out in the past year. They've been superstars in things like pushing for eco-friendliness, protecting our planet, embracing inclusivity, and ensuring everyone can get active. Thanks to their awesome efforts, they've helped boost trust and belief in what we do. 🌟👏

We have an esteemed judging panel of seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts who looking for ingenuity, innovation, impact and resilience.

Applications will close on February 19, 2024.

Who Should Apply?

Leaders in the European Health and Fitness Sector who have actively demonstrated their commitment to civic engagement, community involvement, advocacy, social responsibility, empowerment, and respect for diversity over the past 24 months. These individuals have actively participated in civic activities, engaged in community betterment initiatives, advocated for impactful causes, shown a strong sense of social responsibility, empowered others, and promoted inclusivity and respect for diversity, contributing positively to society and the sector.

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Award Criteria

Applicants for the Active Citizenship Award should provide evidence of their achievements and efforts in one or more categories to be eligible for consideration.

  • Demonstrated active participation in civic activities.
  • Made substantial contributions to community betterment initiatives.
  • Advocated for impactful causes related to health and fitness.
  • Shown a consistent commitment to raising awareness and driving positive change.
  • Exhibited a strong sense of social responsibility within the sector.
  • Implemented sustainable practices and initiatives that benefit society.
  • Promoted inclusivity and respect for diversity in the sector.
  • Worked to ensure equitable access to health and fitness opportunities for all.

Award Timeline

Europe Active Awards Applications Open

November 1, 2023
Awards applications/nominations are opened


February 19, 2024

Awards applications/nominations are closed.


March 1, 2024

Award Finalists Are Announced & Notified

The Winner Announced

April 10, 2024
Winner is awarded at the European Health and Fitness Forum.

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