EuropeActive runs second partner meeting of the ‘Green Audit’ project

On 11 May, EuropeActive virtually hosted the second partner meeting of the 'Green Audit for Sport and Fitness Clubs' project. This 2 year Erasmus+ funded project aims to develop a Green Audit tool, enabling fitness and sports stakeholders to assess and reduce their environmental impact through a programme of sustainable actions developed from the audit.  

The meeting was an opportunity for all partners to reconvene after several months of trialing a prototype of the Green Audit scheme and digital platform, with a pilot of selected clubs from Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The scheme invites clubs to self-assess their activities including greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, climate strategy, waste policies, cleaning and recycling.  

Following an update on the project administration and finances, partners reviewed the current piloting process and its potential for future upscaling. The final version of the audit and platform will be finalised after the summer, once all the clubs and experts have participated. The consortium will then focus on drafting recommendations to support a ‘sustainability shift’ in the fitness and sport sectors.   

More information on the project can be found here:

Gisella Guglielminotti 9 February 2024
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