NL Actief and EuropeActive join forces for European harmonization

BRUSSELS – With enthusiasm, NL Actief and EuropeActive announce a collaboration to jointly harmonize the registration system for fitness professionals (EREPS) and the quality mark for fitness clubs FITcert® at the European level. This collaboration aims to align the standards of both fitness professionals and fitness clubs nationally and at the European level. NL Actief and EuropeActive are taking significant steps together towards a more cohesive and professional fitness industry, where uniformity and international recognition become the norm. The collaboration is the result of a longstanding relationship between NL Actief and EuropeActive, with both organizations committed to improving the quality and recognition of fitness professionals and the industry.  


NL Actief has successfully managed FITNED.NL, the recognized Dutch register where qualified fitness professionals can register after meeting NL Actief’s education requirements. On the other hand, EuropeActive manages the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS), a register of fitness professionals at the European level. Harmonizing the national and European registers brings many benefits for both fitness professionals and the industry. Registered fitness professionals enjoy both national and international recognition and increased visibility, opening doors to professional opportunities that extend beyond national borders. Additionally, employers in the industry can rely on the skills of registered professionals when selecting qualified staff.  

The first concrete steps in this collaboration focus on students who obtain the NL Actief industry diploma at level 3 or level 4. Starting from January 1, 2024, they can automatically register in both FITNED.NL and EREPS. To smoothly implement this change, a two-year transition period is planned. 


In recent years, the fitness sector has worked hard to develop European standards ensuring the quality of fitness centers - these are known as EN 17229. In the Netherlands, all centers affiliated with NL Actief undergo an inspection by an independent body. This inspection has successfully contributed to maintaining national quality standards in the fitness industry for years. Until recently, a European quality mark was lacking in the sector. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more important for the fitness industry to demonstrate compliance with strict European-level requirements to regain the trust of consumers, staff, and authorities. 

In response to this need, FITcert® has been introduced and developed. FITcert® enables fitness clubs to demonstrate compliance with the specified requirements at the European level as well through an independent certification process. Together with EuropeActive, NL Actief aims to align standards and expectations in the fitness industry both nationally and at the European level. This allows affiliated clubs the opportunity to register at the European level as well. In the first quarter of 2024, we will further inform our members about this process and the opportunities it presents. 

Both parties look forward to the joint efforts that this collaboration will bring. Harmonization will not only ensure uniformity but also strengthen the professionalism of the entire industry.  

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NL Actief and EuropeActive join forces for European harmonization
EUROPEACTIVE, Anna Miškovičová 29 January 2024
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