World Active Continues Forward Momentum: Over 60 organizations Participate for 2nd Annual Assembly and Summit

World Active, the global platform for the fitness and physical activity sector, has advanced to its next phase! Representatives from more than 60 organizations have participated for the second World Active General Assembly and Summit on April 12, 2024, held during FIBO Global Fitness in Cologne, Germany. Together, they elected the new World Active Council members, who are poised to guide this unique global initiative into its next chapter. Amy Boone Thompson, newly elected World Active Chair and former Vice Chair, emphasized the significance of this gathering in the industry's global history, acknowledging both progresses made and the work ahead: "We are eager to strengthen our collaboration with the World Health Organization and other international partners. Our mission remains clear: to inspire more people to engage in regular physical activity for improved public health worldwide. There's much more we can achieve together, and we're committed to making a meaningful impact."  

Amy Boone Thompson will collaborate closely with the newly elected Vice-Chair, David Stalker, and Treasurer, Samir Kapoor, to drive the initiatives of World Active forward.

The World Active Council elections adhere to the provisions of the World Active Charter, a foundational document transparently endorsed by the founding members. The Council comprises representatives Jana Havrdova (Czech Chamber of Fitness) for Europe, Samir Kapoor (India Active) and David Stalker (EuropeActive) representing Asia and Europe respectively, Richard Beddie (Exercise New Zealand) for Oceania, and Amy Boone Thompson (IDEA Health & Fitness Association) for North America. This commitment to continental representation underscores the principle of providing an independent platform where all stakeholders have equal voice and rights, with an invitation for associations and registrars across the sector to join World Active.

“It’s amazing to see what we can learn from each other; last year we had the opportunity to represent World Active at World Health Organization (WHO) and that gave representatives a completely different perspective of how and why we need to work together if we really want to have an impact on global levels of physical activity. With many more countries on board I believe we are moving in the right direction. Having  World Active invited and recognised by WHO is a massive step forward in getting the Industry recognised.” Thompson said.

David Stalker, World Active Vice-Chair, and EuropeActive President, said “It’s marvelous to see what like minded fintness and physical activity assosciations can achieve when mutual trust is there. World Active brings together several global actors, therefore collaboration is key.”

The flagship event of the platform, the World Active Summit, is held annually. This gathering will unite stakeholders worldwide to address common opportunities and challenges, advocate collectively, and advance global health and well-being through collaboration and innovation. The World Active Manifesto serves as the framework, outlining key goals, visions, and principles for future cooperation. Additionally, chairs of World Active's working groups presented their framework and both short and long-term plans for their focus areas, demonstrating the ongoing commitment to advancing the goals of World Active.

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World Active Continues Forward Momentum: Over 60 organizations Participate for 2nd Annual Assembly and Summit
EUROPEACTIVE, Anna Miškovičová 22 April 2024
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