The European Commission recognises the importance of anti-doping in recreational sport although there is some lack of opportunity for cooperation across institutions and stakeholders which risks in the long term to become a public health concern. The FAIR+ project aims to provide a picture of the doping issue in the European Recreational Sport movement by focusing on three main objectives:

1.    Look into the existing prevalence of doping in recreational sport through a sample-based research and to investigate the societal and psychological motivations behind the use of doping at amateur level.

2.    The production of the FAIR+ Guidelines which will provide several recommendations on how to set-up effective educational campaigns targeting recreational sport coaches, instructors, and trainers and eventually with indications on how to evaluate and measure their efficacy. To do that project partners will run interviews with major doping stakeholders.

3.    The Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport.
The Forum has become one of the most relevant occasion for European doping experts, institutions, academics and sport stakeholders.
The FAIR+ Forum will be organised every year in November in Brussels to disseminate project outcomes but also to give visibility to other Erasmus plus actions covering the issue of doping.

Multiplier Sport Event:
The three annual FORUMS will be organised in November in Brussels as separate events but also cojoined with transnational project meetings (see F.6). They will be the occasion to share and disseminate the intellectual outputs implemented by the project.

Join the Annual Forum on doping in Recreational Sport, every November in Brussels.

2nd Partner Meeting - Online
2nd Partner Meeting - Online
Kick Off Meeting
Kick Off Meeting